Commercial Water Treatment Systems

Pure Water 1 Built to the Size, features, and specifications of your project. Either for a small coffee shop on the corner or a Large Manufacturer in the Industrial Park of the Town or, for a Hospital or Medical Facilities, or a Food processing or Drinking water plant,... your project will be reviewed and analyzed for the suitability, Fuctinonalities, and cost-effectiveness.

Pure Water 1 providing a whole range of water treatment systems and services along the way. Our commercial line of Drinking Water systems are designed and manufactured with A+ rated components and latest technology with the best industry practices for Quality, Functionalities, and Longivities. We specialize in Commercial Reverse Osmosis system Built, Install, Operations and Upkeep service Maintenance.

Experience the pinnacle of water quality with PureWater1's commercial water treatment systems in Santa Monica. Our expert solutions are designed to elevate water purity, ensuring that every drop meets the highest standards. Trust PureWater1 for pristine water that exceeds your expectations.

We provide a wide range of support to our customers to ensures Quality, Functionalities and performing schedule Maintenance on time. Customers satisfied is one of our priorities along with our Qualities and professionalism. Please contact us and schedule your Water Testing and Site Survey today, Our Professional Team are standby to start your Request for free Testing and consultation. at 1(888) 755-2000.

Commercial Water Softening & Conditioning system
Water softening, water conditioning and filtration systems can be built for the exact size of your application and operation for entry point treatment, softening, conditioning filtration, ionization and disinfection.

The Pure Water 1, high quality and efficient commercial water softeners are among one of the most comprehensive ones available in the industry as of now, ideal for commercial usage and business premises of all sizes and shapes. The water softener systems use an ion exchange methodology to remove magnesium and calcium ions from the water supply, and substituting them with the sodium salts that will not put on deposit or silt. The applicability of them could be across steam boilers, water heaters, dishwashers, process water, cooling towers, and many others.

What is Hard Water?

The presence of Calcium and Magnesium ions in the water ends in hardness. These ions are positively charged ions, and due to them, other positive charged ions don’t dissolve in the water quickly. These ions react with the metallic plumbing, heat, or any chemical agent present like in detergents and lower the cleaning efficiency of bathing, dishwashing, laundry, etc. The hard water can even clog pipes and causes higher limescale deposits or slit in the systems used at the commercial or household level. And due to the deposit build-up, the efficiency of the devices is lowered. And this is why it is essential to use a commercial water softener that can help in softening it and increase the life and performance of the systems.

Commercial Reverses Osmosis system
Through reverse osmosis filtration technology, we are able to remove up to 99% of unwanted substances in the water. Harmful materials can have a negative impact on our health. Whether it’s for your home or a commercial venture, reverse osmosis drinking water is a must-have.

Water Vending Machine
Our free standing water vending machines with built in filtration/UV/or reverse osmosis/ UV, coin and bill acceptor made from fiber glass, heavy duty fiber glass or stainless steel reinforcement, with our without an illuminated sign.


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