• “Great company, they were able to recommend a very good "reverse osmosys" system that we are using since last year, great quality water, great taste and the service is excellent”

    — Toufik B.

  • “This is without a doubt the best water filtration system anyone can buy in Los Angeles!!
    Arthur at Pure Water holds service above all else. When you purchase a system through him through him the installation and service/warranty for one year is included. Something you don't get when you buy a deal online. Not only are the systems specifically designed for the water in your local area. They also happen to be one of the largest online distributors of osmosis and Reverse Osmosis Water filtration systems.”

    — Adam B.

  • "Oh, oh, oh! Let me see your engagement ring!"
    "Sure, it's under the sink."
    "Yup. Come taste the best water in LA."
    One sip, and my previously bewildered pal, was convinced even though diamonds are touted to be a girl's best friend, pure water is a far better friend to all users."

    — Tess M.

  • 7 years ago I was recommended by my physician to drink filter water.
    After extensive research, I've found Pure Water in Santa Monica.
    They were helpful. they have answered my questions and recommend me a high purity drinking water system which I am using it for 7 years and has improved my health and lifestyle.
    Ever since they regularly service my drinking water system and I always have good healthy drinking water at my fingertip.
    Thank you, Pure Water spread the good word.

    — Kevin Fiero

  • A few months back, I received my new machine, from a really professional sales rep of purewater1. He told me why my water tastes so bad in my new home. I moved into a house that had a Rain Soft machine. I am so happy with my current machine and the treatment I got from pure water 1 Treatment that I will suggest it to anyone. (No more hard drinking water for me) Yeah the expense of filtered water was quite a wait, but no longer. It is cheaper to get this great system in the short term.

    — Brown King

  • They came to my house to check my water after I had replied to a survey. This has been an incredibly experience with purewater1. I assumed our water had chlorine and was hard, but they did clarify and describe it in depth. We ended up buying a whole house filter and a drinking system. We went back and forth at first, but we are so happy we made the correct call. In too many cases, the technology has made a big improvement. It is hard to keep my wife out of the tub, because she likes so much hot water. Great customer service and process from start to finish.

    — G Russell

  • We had our system for about six months now. After deployment, we had to make several changes, but the company reacted immediately and came out to address the problems. The consistency of our water is great now! The sales person who came out was very nice, professional and informative. I am glad I got pure water 1 water treatment and I am sure I am going to share it with my friends and family! Pure water1 is always on time, the technicians are always very professional and highly knowledgeable. They are a pleasure to deal with, and the water in our home is perfect!!

    — Peter Parker


Water Filtration & Treatment Systems

What is the meaning of ‘Reverse Osmosis’?

Reverse Osmosis is a methodology used to remove the majority of the impure and hazardous contaminants from the tap/regular water. It is done by flowing in the water under high pressure through the semi-permeable membrane. Also referred to as RO, the phenomenon is one of the most critical processes and is highly efficient in treating surface, ground, or brackish water to be applied for both small and large applications.

Advantages of Using a Commercial Reverse Osmosis System:

The process of Osmosis does not require any energy for its functioning. In an RO process, it is needed to apply the energy to fetch the saline solution. The commercial reverse osmosis membrane allows the flow of water molecules but not the organics, dissolved salts, pyrogens, bacteria, etc. Indeed, there are positives behind using the Pure Water 1 designed commercial RO systems and they are as follows.


We carry a wide variety of residential water treatment systems such as Entry Point Water Treatment systems (EPT), drinking water, Alkaline Machines, Water Disinfection units, Water Dispensers...

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We provide wide range of solutions for variety of commercial applications. Entry Point Water Treatment systems (CEPT), Water delivery system, Ultra-pure Water, Water recycling treatment, Reverses...

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Our Medical Lines of products with NSF, FDA certification delivers optimal & accurate water specification that you need in your operation. Facility water treatment, ultra filtration, ultra pure water...

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News & Update

Water purification could be the key to more electric cars Humanity is going to need a lot of lithium batteries if electric cars are going to take over, and that's a problem when there's only so much lithium...

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Drinking Water Systems

Through reverse osmosis filtration technology, we are able to remove up to 99% of unwanted substances in the water. Harmful materials can have negative impact on our health...

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Water Dispensers

Pure Water dispensers with built-in Filtration or Reverse Osmosis are a great source of clean, fresh and healthy drinking water for your home, office, and your commercial facilities...

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