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Our medical line of products with NSF, FDA certification delivers optimal and accurate water specifications that you need in your operation. Facility water treatment, ultra filtration, ultra pure water, disinfection treatment, and PH controlled water for testing and facility operation.

We provide a variety of facility water treatments: distillers, sanitizers, boilers, steamers, ultra filtration, ultra pure water, UV and ozone disinfection treatment, PH control, Ioni and coition DI treatment, multilevel water stations, reverse osmosis, drinking water POU, just to name a few.

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Sanitary non-microbila dispenser for Medical Sanitary non-microbila dispenser
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  • “Great company, they were able to recommend a very good "reverse osmosys" system that we are using since last year, great quality water, great taste and the service is excellent”

    — Toufik B.

  • “This is without a doubt the best water filtration system anyone can buy in Los Angeles!!
    Arthur at Pure Water holds service above all else. When you purchase a system through him through him the installation and service/warranty for one year is included. Something you don't get when you buy a deal online. Not only are the systems specifically designed for the water in your local area. They also happen to be one of the largest online distributors of osmosis and Reverse Osmosis Water filtration systems.”

    — Adam B.

  • "Oh, oh, oh! Let me see your engagement ring!"
    "Sure, it's under the sink."
    "Yup. Come taste the best water in LA."
    One sip, and my previously bewildered pal, was convinced even though diamonds are touted to be a girl's best friend, pure water is a far better friend to all users."

    — Tess M.

  • 7 years ago I was recommended by my physician to drink filter water.
    After extensive research, I've found Pure Water in Santa Monica.
    They were helpful. they have answered my questions and recommend me a high purity drinking water system which I am using it for 7 years and has improved my health and lifestyle.
    Ever since they regularly service my drinking water system and I always have good healthy drinking water at my fingertip.
    Thank you, Pure Water spread the good word.

    — Kevin Fiero