Residential Water Treatment Systems

We know we need water to stay hydrated and alive, but what if the water we’re using for cooking, cleaning, and consuming isn’t clean enough? Whether you live alone or are a family unit, a residential water treatment system should be one of your foremost priorities.

When you opt for a whole house water treatment system, your whole family benefits. You get water that’s safe to drink, the process is eco-friendly, you’re no longer vulnerable to skin disease, and you’ll save great costs on bottled water and medical bills.

If you’re based in Santa Monica and have been looking for a reliable residential water treatment system, Pure Water 1 is the answer to all your questions. Whether you need reverse osmosis water for purification or need a water softening system, we’ve got all your water needs covered.

Reverses Osmosis
Through Reverses Osmosis technology we are able to purify water up to 100% without changing any of the water property or chemistry. Reverses Osmosis technology in compression has minimal coast of operation,

Mineral & Ionized Alkaline
Mineral; mineral alkaline filter changes the acidic or neutral water into a perfect Balanced natural Alkaline Water. The alkaline ionizer machine through a patented certified Electrolyses process gave us the ability to control
pH level of water ranging from 2.5 to 13.

Water Softening Conditioning & Treatment
Here are the some of our water softening / water conditioning system than can be built for the exact size of your application. Entry point treatment / filtration system.

Water Dispensers
Pure Water dispenser can provide three different temperatures or any two temperatures combination. Pure Water dispensers coming in variety of sizes, shapes, colors and features.


  • “Great company, they were able to recommend a very good "reverse osmosys" system that we are using since last year, great quality water, great taste and the service is excellent”

    — Toufik B.

  • “This is without a doubt the best water filtration system anyone can buy in Los Angeles!!
    Arthur at Pure Water holds service above all else. When you purchase a system through him through him the installation and service/warranty for one year is included. Something you don't get when you buy a deal online. Not only are the systems specifically designed for the water in your local area. They also happen to be one of the largest online distributors of osmosis and Reverse Osmosis Water filtration systems.”

    — Adam B.

  • "Oh, oh, oh! Let me see your engagement ring!"
    "Sure, it's under the sink."
    "Yup. Come taste the best water in LA."
    One sip, and my previously bewildered pal, was convinced even though diamonds are touted to be a girl's best friend, pure water is a far better friend to all users."

    — Tess M.

  • 7 years ago I was recommended by my physician to drink filter water.
    After extensive research, I've found Pure Water in Santa Monica.
    They were helpful. they have answered my questions and recommend me a high purity drinking water system which I am using it for 7 years and has improved my health and lifestyle.
    Ever since they regularly service my drinking water system and I always have good healthy drinking water at my fingertip.
    Thank you, Pure Water spread the good word.

    — Kevin Fiero


FAQs for Residential Water Treatment Systems

What are residential water treatment systems?

Residential water treatment systems are advanced filtration and purification systems designed to improve home water quality. They remove contaminants, chemicals, and impurities, ensuring clean and safe drinking water.

Why should I consider installing a residential water treatment system?

Installing a residential water treatment system ensures you and your family have access to clean and healthy water, free from harmful pollutants. It can improve your water's taste, smell, and appearance while safeguarding your health.

What types of contaminants do residential water treatment systems remove?

Residential water treatment systems can effectively remove various contaminants, including chlorine, sediment, bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, and other harmful substances.

How do I choose the right water treatment system for my home?

Choosing the right system depends on water quality, usage, and specific needs. It's essential to get a water quality test and consult with a water treatment professional to determine the best system for your home.

Do water treatment systems require regular maintenance?

Yes, like any other home appliance, water treatment systems require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Regular filter replacement and system check-ups are essential to keep the system running efficiently.

Are there eco-friendly water treatment options available?

Yes, eco-friendly water treatment systems are available, such as those using activated carbon or other sustainable technologies. These systems help reduce water wastage and environmental impact.

Can a water treatment system soften hard water?

Yes, some residential water treatment systems include water softening capabilities. These systems can remove minerals like calcium and magnesium that cause water hardness, preventing issues like limescale buildup.

Do water treatment systems affect water pressure?

Modern water treatment systems are designed to maintain adequate water pressure throughout your home. However, choosing the right system size and type is essential to ensure proper water flow.

Are water treatment systems cost-effective in the long run?

Yes, investing in a residential water treatment system can be cost-effective in the long run. It reduces the need to buy bottled water and extends the lifespan of plumbing fixtures and appliances by preventing mineral buildup.

Can I install a water treatment system or hire a professional?

While some basic filtration systems might be DIY-friendly, it's recommended to hire a professional for the installation of more complex residential water treatment systems. Professionals ensure proper installation, maintenance, and warranty coverage.