Alkaline Water Filtration Systems

Mineral alkaline water filter system changes the acidic or neutral water into perfect natural alkaline water. The alkaline filter, through a patented mineral process, simply mineralizes water to improve nutrition value and pH balance for an essential healthy diet. Mineral alkaline water improves our health, functionality, and slows down the aging process just by simply being natural.

Alkaline Water Filters, Mineral Ionizer Water Treatment System

The ionizer alkaline machine, through a patented, certified, electrolyses process, gives us the ability to control the pH level of water ranging from 2.5 to 13. The numerous uses of pH-controlled water such, drinking, cleaning, disinfecting, cosmetic, sanitizing, makes the alkaline ionizer machine a healthy, unique essential for today’s lifestyle, which can be a huge money-saving factor in our day to day expenses such as healthcare, household products, cosmetics, etc. You can also buy this ionized alkaline water filter if you’re based in Santa Monica from Pure Water 1.

Here are some of our water Treatments system (Water Softening / Water Conditioning system) which to be effective must be built for the size of your home. The wrong size treatment system will not give you the results you are expecting. These systems can be used for various water specifications and for wide range of treatment

Alkaline Water Filters, Mineral Ionizer Water Treatment purposes; In most cases, city water or raw water are hard and contain minerals (Calcium & Magnesium).

Minerals create residue deposits in water heaters, washing machines, water fixtures, plumbing systems and ultimately skin and hair. The softening process will remove hardness and prevent residue deposits..

Also, through carbon treatment, we eliminate Chlorine and reduce chemical levels.
In addition, neutralizing of color, taste and odor of the water will take place in this process.
UV is the recommended treatment for disinfection and sanitation of water.

Filtering water at the entry point through a filter cartridge unit has never been so versatile and effective through whole house filtration unit of Big Blue/ Ultra Violet filtration, Big Boy/ Ultra Violet filtration and Pure Water Filtration/ disinfection units. These filtration systems can be built for various water specifications, sizes and capacities to deliver the optimum result for any residential application.

alkaline water systems Multi Stage RO unit
Mineral & Ionized Alkaline Water Treatment Mineral & Ionized Alkaline
RO-UV-Alkaline Water Treatment System RO-UV-Alkaline

Ionize Alkaline system

Ionizer; ionizer alkaline machine through a patented certified Electrolyses process gave us the ability to control pH level of water ranging from 2.5 to 13. The numerous use of pH controlled water such, drinking, cleaning, disinfecting, cosmetic, sanitizing…..makes Alkaline Ionizer machine a Healthy ,unique & essential for today’s life which can be huge money saving factor on our day to day expenses such as healthcare, Household products , cosmetic….

alkaline water filtration system Counter Top Ionizer
alkaline water systems Under the Counter Ionizer
alkaline water filter systems PH control E-Faucet

What is Alkaline Water Filtration?

Water filtration is the process of lowering/removing the higher concentration of particulates from water. It could be fungi, bacteria, contaminants, parasites, viruses, and algae aiming to produce clean and pure water that can be used for a purpose like drinking, pharmaceutical, medical, or other applications. Being a trusted water filtration company, Pure Water 1 has years of expertise and experience in this line, always striving hard to help its customers in the very best way possible.

How does Water Filter Works?

Due to the exceptional molecular structure, water is outstandingly good at dissolving things. To make sure the water you are using for drinking or any other purpose, is pure and away from all forms of contaminants and chemicals is to run it through a water filter. To remove dirt and else, water filters function using two different techniques.

  1. Physical Filtration – It means that the water filtration will be via straining water to remove more significant impurities and dirt. The technique is more sort of like a glorified sieve, could be a delicate textile membrane or a piece of thin gauze that will help in straining water and clearing it away from impure elements.
  2. Chemical Filtration – In this technique of water filtration system installation, the purification is done by passing water through an active component assuring to remove impurities and contaminants as it passes through.

Different forms of water filters are available and can be utilized, but at Pure Water 1, also acknowledged as a water treatment company, we make sure to render the best for our customers as nothing is more important than health.

Unlocking Health and Hydration: The Alkaline Water Systems

Alkaline Water: A Liquid Vitality Boost

Imagine water that not only quenches your thirst but also revitalizes your body. That's the promise of our Alkaline Water Systems. By subtly adjusting the pH level, these systems infuse your water with antioxidants, minerals, and an invigorating alkalinity that's not just refreshing but rejuvenating.

Why Choose Purewater1 for Alkaline Water Systems

  1. Wellness on Tap: With our systems, every glass you pour is an act of self-care. Alkaline water is believed to counterbalance acidic influences in your diet and promote a more balanced, healthier lifestyle.
  2. Sustainability & Savings: By using Purewater1's Alkaline Water Systems, you're not only investing in your health but also contributing to environmental sustainability. Say goodbye to single-use plastic bottles and hello to eco-friendly, cost-effective hydration.
  3. Customized Perfection: We understand that water preferences vary. That's why our systems allow you to customize your water's pH level, ensuring it's perfect for your palate and your body's needs.

Alkaline Water Filter Systems: Elevate Your Tap Water

For those who want to enhance their existing water supply, Purewater1's Alkaline Water Filter Systems are the answer. These easily installable units ensure that every sip from your tap becomes a source of health and hydration. Our advanced filtration process removes impurities, while adding beneficial minerals and that essential alkaline touch.

Why Choose Purewater1 Alkaline Water Filter Systems

  1. Pure and Clean: Our filtration process leaves your water pure, free from contaminants, and imbued with the goodness of alkalinity.
  2. Convenience Redefined: You don't need to buy bottled alkaline water. Simply enjoy the convenience of your kitchen tap delivering this exceptional water to your glass.
  3. Health in Every Drop: Hydration can be your daily health booster. Start your day with a glass of alkaline water from Purewater1 and experience the positive difference.

Embrace the Alkaline Revolution with Purewater1

Your journey to optimal health and hydration begins with Purewater1's Alkaline Water Systems and Alkaline Water Filter Systems. Elevate your daily ritual of water consumption and let every sip be a step toward a healthier, happier you.

Why do you need a Water Filter from PureWater1?

Life on Earth started and evolved with water. Being the biological form present on Earth, water is the primary supporter of all life forms. It circulates through our body and lets genes, cells, enzymes, and proteins to work appropriately. Often, the water you drink or use for other purposes is neglected from the quality perspective. The top-notch reasons, why it is pivotal to opt for the right water filter from a reliable water filter company are as follows.

  1. The water treatment can provide better taste, smell by removing all the bacterial contaminants, heavy metals, chemicals, chlorine, etc.
  2. The water filters help in removing lead that could be harmful to the body.
  3. The purchase of the right top quality water filter could end up in providing healthy and clean water that is going to cost much less in the long than purchasing costlier water bottles and reducing the toxic waste present in the environment.
  4. Water filters remove chlorine and by-products to a large extent and highly reduces the risk of having certain cancers involving colon cancer, rectal cancer and bladder cancer.
  5. The carbon-based water filters can selectively remove the hazardous contaminants from the drinking water while making sure that the healthy mineral deposits are there, maintaining the pH of the drinking water.
  6. Drinking pure and healthy water helps in protecting the body from any disorder, resulting in better vigour, health, and activeness.
  7. It can provide healthy water for drinking or cooking or commercial purpose, just at the convenience of the availability of tap water.
  8. The filters reduce the risk of having any gastrointestinal ailment by over 80% as it removes e-coli, cryptosporidium, and giardia elements.
  9. Healthy and fresh water is especially useful for children as it helps in building their robust immune systems.
  10. Water filters act as the last line of defense between the over 2100 toxins and body that could be present in the drinking water.

Types of Water Filters available at our Water Filtration Company:

There are majorly four forms of water filtration employing a mixture of using both physical and chemical techniques.

  1. Activated Carbon – Also known as activated carbon granules filters, it is the most common filter in use trapping and attracting impurities through a procedure known as adsorption.
  2. Reverse Osmosis – It involves pushing in the contaminated water through a fine membrane at high pressure so that the contaminants could be left behind.
  3. Ion Exchange – Peculiarly great at softening water, they are designed to split bad or good atoms from a substance using the ions.
  4. Distillation – The technique goes beyond ordinary boiling to kill off bacteria, limescale, chemicals, and other dangerous contaminants.

It is advisable to always invest in the right water filtration technique that can meet your purpose to the fullest. Feel free to contact our water purification company and know more.


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