Mineral Alkaline Water

Mineral alkaline water filter changes the acidic or neutral water into perfect natural alkaline water. The alkaline filter, through a patented mineral process, simply mineralizes water to improve nutrition value and pH balance for an essential healthy diet. Mineral alkaline water improves our health, functionality, and slows down the aging process just by simply being natural.

Alkaline Water Filters, Mineral Ionizer Water Treatment System

The ionizer alkaline machine, through a patented, certified, electrolyses process, gives us the ability to control the pH level of water ranging from 2.5 to 13. The numerous uses of pH-controlled water such, drinking, cleaning, disinfecting, cosmetic, sanitizing, makes the alkaline ionizer machine a healthy, unique essential for today’s lifestyle, which can be a huge money-saving factor in our day to day expenses such as healthcare, household products, cosmetics, etc. You can also buy this ionized alkaline water filter if you’re based in Santa Monica from Pure Water 1.

Here are some of our water Treatments system (Water Softening / Water Conditioning system) which to be effective must be built for the size of your home. The wrong size treatment system will not give you the results you are expecting. These systems can be used for various water specifications and for wide range of treatment

Alkaline Water Filters, Mineral Ionizer Water Treatment purposes; In most cases, city water or raw water are hard and contain minerals (Calcium & Magnesium).

Minerals create residue deposits in water heaters, washing machines, water fixtures, plumbing systems and ultimately skin and hair. The softening process will remove hardness and prevent residue deposits..

Also, through carbon treatment, we eliminate Chlorine and reduce chemical levels.
In addition, neutralizing of color, taste and odor of the water will take place in this process.
UV is the recommended treatment for disinfection and sanitation of water.

Filtering water at the entry point through a filter cartridge unit has never been so versatile and effective through whole house filtration unit of Big Blue/ Ultra Violet filtration, Big Boy/ Ultra Violet filtration and Pure Water Filtration/ disinfection units. These filtration systems can be built for various water specifications, sizes and capacities to deliver the optimum result for any residential application.

Multi Stage RO unit Multi Stage RO unit
Mineral & Ionized Alkaline Water Treatment Mineral & Ionized Alkaline
RO-UV-Alkaline Water Treatment System RO-UV-Alkaline

Ionize Alkaline system

Ionizer; ionizer alkaline machine through a patented certified Electrolyses process gave us the ability to control pH level of water ranging from 2.5 to 13. The numerous use of pH controlled water such, drinking, cleaning, disinfecting, cosmetic, sanitizing…..makes Alkaline Ionizer machine a Healthy ,unique & essential for today’s life which can be huge money saving factor on our day to day expenses such as healthcare, Household products , cosmetic….

Counter Top Ionizer Water Treatment Counter Top Ionizer
Under the Counter Ionizer Water Filter Under the Counter Ionizer
PH control E-Faucet Water Treatment System PH control E-Faucet


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