Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

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industrial reverse osmosis system Through reverse osmosis filtration technology, we are able to remove up to 99% of unwanted substances in the water. Harmful materials can have a negative impact on our health. Whether it’s for your home or a commercial venture, reverse osmosis drinking water is a must-have.

Our commercial line of reverse osmosis systems provides a wide range of solutions for commercial and industrial applications.

We can build based on your specifications and your applications, emphasizing effectiveness and efficiency of the product with an environmentally friendly result.

We cater to most commercial reverse osmosis operations; we can provide consultation, product selection, installation, service and maintenance.

Our commercial reverse osmosis line of products provide solutions for the food and beverage industry, the fabric and textile industry, medical operations, medical research, Nano technology, printing, precision tool making, fish farming, irrigation, drinking water operations, water recycling plants, just to name a few.

What is the meaning of ‘Reverse Osmosis’?

Reverse Osmosis is a methodology used to remove the majority of the impure and hazardous contaminants from the tap/regular water. It is done by flowing in the water under high pressure through the semi-permeable membrane. Also referred to as RO, the phenomenon is one of the most critical processes and is highly efficient in treating surface, ground, or brackish water to be applied for both small and large applications.

Advantages of Using a Commercial Reverse Osmosis System:

The process of Osmosis does not require any energy for its functioning. In an RO process, it is needed to apply the energy to fetch the saline solution. The commercial reverse osmosis membrane allows the flow of water molecules but not the organics, dissolved salts, pyrogens, bacteria, etc. Indeed, there are positives behind using the Pure Water 1 designed commercial RO systems and they are as follows.

  1. Better Taste – Without the silt, deposit, or any chemical in the water, it is going to taste better, feels refreshing and rejuvenating than ever. And commercial reverse osmosis system will help in getting that taste for you for the better.
  2. No more presence of contaminants – The RO system helps in eliminating all impurities, particles, and chemicals from the water, including lead, arsenic, parasites, and so. It could be a matter of health and fitness, and any higher value percentage of contaminants could impact it to worst. And, prevention is always better than cure, and so does the usability of the commercial reverse osmosis at your place.
  3. Utilize less energy – The energy consumption of these systems is less and could help in running your business or company smoothly.
  4. Expandable and less space taking – Depending on the model of the commercial reverse osmosis system that you would like to purchase, it can be less space taking as well as expandable.
  5. Maintenance – These systems demand very little maintenance to take care of, and one of the prime aspects to do consider in like every six months is the filter replacement.
  6. Purification Levels – In the RO process, there are seven stages, with each one of them getting more intensive. Each stage has its task to do. It is up to the user how many levels they want to take the water through the filtration. The steps emphasize on keeping the water alkaline, fresh and away from viruses and bacteria.
  7. Money-Saving – It is a onetime investment, and tons of money can be saved by using the commercial RO system. Health is above all, and it shouldn’t be compromised at all.

How does a Commercial Reverse Osmosis System Works?

The process of reverse osmosis is simple, pursued by water pressure pushing the water through the RO semi-permeable membrane removing impurities, dissolved organic solids like salts from water. When the water is pushed through the RO membrane and other filters, contaminants are filtered out and instantly flush down the drain. What is left behind is the clean, pure, and tasty drinking water. The basic parts of a commercial RO system include:

  1. Cold Water Line Valve – It is the source of cold water supply to the commercial RO system and has a tube attached to the inlet end.
  2. Pre-Filters – First, the cold water flows through them, and the purpose is to remove dirt, sand silt and other sediments clogging up the system.
  3. RO Membrane – Being the heart of the system, it removes majority of the health-related contaminants efficiently.
  4. Post Filters – Once the water is passed through the membrane and stored in the storage tank, it flows via post-filters aiming to remove any odor from the water.
  5. Automatic Shut Off Valve – Once the storage tank is full, this valve stops any more water from entering the membrane and simply flows to the drain.
  6. Check Valve – It prevents the backward flow of the treated water into the RO storage tank.
  7. Flow Restrictor – The water flowing via the RO membrane is controlled with the help of a flow restrictor.
  8. Storage Tank – Usually, the standard tank can hold up to 2-4 gallons of water.
  9. Faucet – Most of the RO systems use their own faucet, installed at the nearby sink only.
  10. Drain Line – It is running from the outlet part of the system housing to the drain.

At Pure Water 1, our commercial RO systems can filter out 99% of the contaminants, including lead, chlorine, fluoride, dissolved salts, etc. in an efficient way. Having years of experience in the industry, we understand that the distinction is in the components used in the systems. Feel free to contact us to know more.

For more information and consultation, please contact our customer service.

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