The Pure Water 1, high quality and efficient commercial water softeners are among one of the most comprehensive ones available in the industry as of now, ideal for commercial usage and business premises of all sizes and shapes. The water softener systems use an ion exchange methodology to remove magnesium and calcium ions from the water supply, and substituting them with the sodium salts that will not put on deposit or silt. The applicability of them could be across steam boilers, water heaters, dishwashers, process water, cooling towers, and many others.

What is Hard Water?

The presence of Calcium and Magnesium ions in the water ends in hardness. These ions are positively charged ions, and due to them, other positive charged ions don’t dissolve in the water quickly. These ions react with the metallic plumbing, heat, or any chemical agent present like in detergents and lower the cleaning efficiency of bathing, dishwashing, laundry, etc. The hard water can even clog pipes and causes higher limescale deposits or slit in the systems used at the commercial or household level. And due to the deposit build-up, the efficiency of the devices is lowered. And this is why it is essential to use a commercial water softener that can help in softening it and increase the life and performance of the systems.

How does a Commercial Water Softener System Works?

The water softeners work through an ion exchange process that cuts down the magnesium and calcium from the water. When the hard water enters the mineral tank of the commercial water softener system, it flows through spherical resin beads, made up of polystyrene, and charged with sodium ions. The resin beads have a negative charge and are referred to as anions. The positive charge ions, calcium, and magnesium are referred to as cations. As opposites attract, the negative charge of the resin beads is attracted to positive charge minerals ions. When the water flows through the resin beads, the negatively charged beads hold the positive ions and let the softened or pure water flows through them. Majorly, the water softener comprises three components, as mentioned below.

  1. The mineral tank – It is the chamber where the hard water gets softened. The water which exits the tank is soft and flows through the pipes out to the commercial appliances in use.
  2. The control valve – It measures the amount of water that is flowing via the mineral tank and into the commercial appliances. The valve has a meter that keeps a track of the volume of water that is entering into the mineral tank.
  3. The brine tank – It assists in the water softening in regeneration and holds a highly concentrated salt solution to rebuild the resin beads’ positive charge.

Signs that you require a commercial water softener:

Hard water has higher concentrations of calcium and magnesium minerals in it. These can impact the taste quality of water as well as build deposits inside fixtures, pipes, and equipment along surfaces, leading to plumbing concerns and challenging in keeping them clean. Below are few of the common signs that depict that you may need a commercial water softener at your place:

  1. Filmy feeling in skin and hair – The hard water leave behind a foul and unpleasant residue. You may notice this kind of residue left on your skin and hair taking a shower, washing hands, and so.
  2. Poor soap lather – The hard water makes it difficult to make soap bubbles and suds at the time of washing and bathing. It is one of the earliest signs that people notice of hard water and seek solutions.
  3. Deposit and film on glass and porcelain – Due to hard water, the film appears on the porcelain of the sinks, glass surfaces, etc.
  4. Faded laundry – The hard water minerals come up as a deposit or scale and cause your laundry colours to fade quickly after going through a washing machine.
  5. Increased water pressure – The increased water pressure happens due to the scale build-up inside the pipes, fixtures, and along surfaces. It can also lead to excess in the number of leaks.
  6. Flaky deposits on fixtures and faucets – The calcite deposits occur on faucets and showerheads due to the hard water.
  7. The appliances are breaking – The hard water can be disastrous for your basic appliances. The scale deposits can not only clog up valves, pipes, and others, could impact its efficacy, and skyrocket the electricity bills too. Installing a commercial water softener could save your thousands in the long run rather than opting for an appliance replacement.

If you notice any of these signs, it is better to seek for the commercial water softener system and the right solution. Contact Pure Water 1 for the same anytime.


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