What are Water Softener Systems?

A water softener system is a filtration device that functions to remove higher concentrations of magnesium and calcium that make hard water. When the water flows through this system, it filters out such hard water minerals and elements seamlessly. And the softened water leaves through the system and flows through plumbing. At Pure Water 1, we reckon as the best water softener company offering high quality and efficient softening systems and services.

What is Hardness in the water?

The hard water comprises a higher percentage of minerals, primarily magnesium and calcium. Due to its chemical structure, both of them bonds with other forms of metals quickly. Over time, it can build into something like the leftover silt or debris. The ‘hard water’ got its name in this way only in which the hardened mineral residue deposits and the water left behind. With time, it can clog, accumulate, or even damage and impact the lifespan of pipes and equipment, and cause hazardous plumbing concerns. These deposits majorly build up in showerheads, water heaters, boilers, etc. making them less effective in the long run and costlier to use. In short, hard water can leave behind drastic adverse effects on each surface it flows through, and it is a must in this scenario to use the best water softener system from the top-notch water softener company and use the pure form of water.

How does a water softener function?

A water softener system’s operation is more like magnets. In a magnet, one end is positive, and the other is negative. If you try to connect either positive ends or negative ends, they repel each other. The basic fact that the opposites attract each other is the foundation of how the water softener systems work. The two critical elements of hard water, including calcium and magnesium, are both positively charged constituents. And, as it flows via the softener system, it passes through the negatively charged resin beads, and like the magnets functioning, positives and negatives attract each other. The same principle applies at the time of water system cleaning. During the cleaning process, both salt and water, which are positive, charged elements flow through the resin beads. The positive ions in calcium, salt, and magnesium repel each other. And the magnesium and calcium ions detach from the resin beads and flushes out along with the salty water.

7 Signs you require a water softener system:

The quality water softeners not only take out extra magnesium and calcium ions from the water but also enhance the life of your water heaters, pipes, and other devices. The signs letting you know about requiring a water softener service are as follows.

  1. You notice deposit build-up on your devices – The impact of hard water is the deposit of debris on your appliances and defective plumbing. The limescale is a chalky kind of hard substance made up of calcium or magnesium bicarbonate. Our water softeners help to cut down this deposit to a large extent by using the ion-exchange technique.
  2. The air and your skin feels dry – Due to the extra magnesium and calcium salt ions floating around in the water, the skin dries out. The minerals in your soaps and shampoos do not blend well with the hard water, and it makes your skin and hair feel dry and rough. Hard water intends to block pores causing more inflammation and blackheads.
  3. Your clothes seem faded – In case your clothes, bedsheets, and linen look faded and gray, it is a sign of hard water. And the best way to avoid this faded mineral quality is to look for the best water softener.
  4. Stains on the bathtubs and sinks – If there is any stain left behind from mineral deposit seen either on your faucets, sinks, bathtubs, it is a sign of hard water. A softener system purchased from a renowned water softener company will be efficient in removing stains and increasing their life.
  5. The plumbing need is constant – The hard water impacts the steel pipes to the most. Due to the build-up of limescale and residue, the pipes damage easily, and the water just doesn’t flow easily through them. It leads to an increase in demand for constant plumbing.
  6. Your water bill is on escalation – As the pipes have difficulty in water flowing through them, the water usage automatically goes up and so does the electricity bill. It is always advisable to use a softener to cut down on your bill.
  7. Your glassware is easily damaged – Hard water stains on glassware are challenging to remove, and it can make them break easily.

To know more about the best water softener system, maintenance, and service, just feel free to contact Pure Water 1 anytime, and we will go the extra mile to resolve your problems to the core.


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