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Research shows that contaminated drinking water has caused 5.7% of all health related problems in the world. As you strive to protect your loved ones, you should be well aware that one of the major culprits behind serious health risks is the water flowing through your faucet. A simple way to guarantee safe and clean water in your homes is to invest in a water purification system.

What does a water filter do?

A home water filtration system purifies water by removing harmful contaminants like pesticide, bacteria and other unnecessary elements without sacrificing its quality. A reverse osmosis filtration system forces the water through a semi-permeable membrane using air pressure.

Let’s look at some reasons why filtered water is a better alternative:

1. Safe drinking water at all times

Unfiltered water, even from the water treatment plants, may still have contaminants like lead, chlorine or ammonia—well-known carcinogens. Therefore, reducing the consumption of unfiltered tap water, which comes with overwhelming amount of toxins and chemicals, can significantly reduce the likelihood of cancer.

Tap water has shown to have some chemicals that aren’t regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In fact, CNN reported an incident where residents in South Carolina found rust-like deposits in their tap water.

So save yourself from diseases and invest in a home water filtration system that can remove these chemicals and impurities effectively.

2. Save the environment

On average, it takes 450 years for plastic bottles to disintegrate. A recent report shows that vast quantities of plastic, from Los Angeles to the Arizona desert, ends up being landfilled, stockpiled or burned! What’s more shocking is that only 9% of the plastic ever produced has been recycled.

Even if you make sure to get the bottles recycled, processing plastic into usable material still puts a strain on the environment. With a home water filtration system, you can reduce the trash of water bottles, in addition to the cost of transporting the water.

a dumpster in a plastic landfill

3. Cost savings

If you currently buy bottled water, you’ll realize big savings by installing a home water filtration system. If your household has 4 members and you each drink 16.9 ounces of bottled water every day, you can a save minimum of $700 every year—assuming you buy a 24 pack of water bottles at a cost of $5.00. Whereas, water filter only has upfront cost when it’s installed, and a new filter may cost around $50-80, annually.

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